Richard Goold - Lyell
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Richard Goold

Chief Information Officer

Richard Goold

Richard is the Chief Information Officer of Lyell, and his team is responsible for building a cloud-based data platform and enabling analytics and machine learning. Richard has over 25 years of strategic leadership experience in developing commercial research and clinical genomics software systems.

Prior to Lyell, he was the founder and CEO of Station X, a venture-funded company that commercialized GenePool, a cloud-based platform built for large-scale genomics analysis. Richard successfully led the company through the acquisition by Roche.

Previous to Station X, Richard was founder and CEO of Prospect Genomics (acquired by Structural GenomiX), a company that built a platform integrating protein modeling, molecular dynamics and chemical docking technologies for use in small molecule drug discovery. Previously, Richard was the Chief Genomics Officer at Incyte, and responsible for new product development and the scientific leadership in Incyte’s genomics information business strategy. Prior to that, Richard was a founding scientist and Project Lead at the UCSF/Stanford Human Genome Center.

Richard holds a PhD in Medical Biochemistry from the University of Cape Town and a Masters in Pharmacology from Rhodes University.