Our Story

We are a T cell reprogramming company dedicated to the mastery of T cells to cure patients with solid tumors.

We have assembled a world-class team, including some of the foremost scientific leaders in the fields of oncology and adoptive cell therapy (ACT) including Drs. Rick Klausner, Nick Restifo, Stan Riddell and Crystal Mackall, who have collectively interrogated and elucidated the mechanisms of T cell biology and its interactions with cancer for decades.

Our goal is curative therapy for any solid tumor.

  • Overcoming major barriers to ACT
    We believe T cell exhaustion and lack of durable stemness – the T cell’s loss of continual proliferative capacity, self-renewal and differentiation – are major barriers limiting the efficacy of ACT in solid tumors, and we endeavor to overcome these challenges through our proprietary Gen-R™ and Epi-R™ technology platforms.
  • Target and modality agnostic
    Our technology platforms are designed to be applied in a target and modality agnostic manner to chimeric antigen receptor (CAR), tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte (TIL) and T cell receptor (TCR) therapies for patients with solid tumors.
  • Broad Pipeline
    We are building a multi-modality pipeline across several indications with high unmet needs and applying our technology platforms to three initial product candidates.

Our scientific and leadership team comprises some of the foremost leaders in the fields of oncology and ACT. These thought leaders have collectively interrogated and elucidated the mechanisms of T cell biology and its interactions with cancer for decades and have authored over 1,000 publications focused on the interaction between the immune system and cancer. Our management team includes experienced executives who come from academia and industry-leading cell and gene therapy companies including Atara, Juno Therapeutics and Sangamo; oncology therapeutic development companies including Amgen, AstraZeneca, Genentech, Incyte and Seagen; and cancer diagnostic companies including Genomic Health, GRAIL and Illumina.

Founder's Vision

A message on the evolution of cancer treatment, Lyell’s commitment to scientific innovation, and how we are working toward our goal of curative cell therapy for any solid tumor.

Key Capabilities

As a fully integrated cell therapy company, we’ve developed a range of capabilities crucial to delivering on our mission.


We are grounded in science and our research is based on a systematic, interrogative, cell biology-driven approach. Our team members have both scientific and operational expertise and track records of translating research into therapies for patients. By combining a deep understanding and key insights in cell and molecular biology with expertise in translational science and clinical and product development, we have advanced breakthrough research and new technology platforms into clinic-ready programs. Our programs are further enabled by our digital analytics platform that allows us to accelerate insights into actionable approaches. We are committed to continuous innovation in the pursuit of next generation cell therapy technologies, and strong support functions enable us to scale our efforts across the organization.


We have ambitious goals and a deep commitment to mastering immune cells and reprogramming them to cure solid tumors.

Other companies and labs take a variety of approaches to tackling the challenges of developing curative therapies for solid tumors. We welcome collaborations and have cultivated a novel ecosystem of partner companies through which we test and advance novel and complementary technologies aligned with our goals.

Collaboration is one of our core values. Contact us at businessdevelopment@lyell.com to explore opportunities.

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