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We are pioneering novel T-cell reprogramming technologies designed to address major barriers to successful adoptive cell therapy (ACT) for solid tumors.

It’s All About the Cells

Using living cells to treat – and sometimes even cure – cancer is one of the most dramatic advances in modern medicine. Patients with hematologic malignancies have been successfully treated with adoptive cell therapies (ACTs). However, these profound results have not yet been achieved in patients with solid tumors, which represent approximately 90% of all cancers. At Lyell, our goal is to change that. We are a fully integrated company developing next-generation T-cell reprogramming technologies to overcome what we believe are the primary barriers to successful ACT in solid tumors: T-cell exhaustion and lack of durable stemness.

A Lyell lab employee working on t-cell reprogramming technologiesA Lyell lab employee working on t-cell reprogramming technologies
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Target & Modality Agnostic

Our broad pipeline stems from our technology platforms, which are designed to enhance the three main types of therapy that use engineered immune cells to treat cancer: chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy; tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte (TIL) therapy; and T-cell receptor therapy (TCR).

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Fully Integrated

We have built a fully integrated company capable of discovering new technologies, translating science into therapies, manufacturing cell therapy products and clinically evaluating them in patients, all in our quest to cure solid tumor cancers.

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Deep Expertise

We were founded by cell therapy pioneers whose decades of research elevated the broader understanding of T-cell biology and its interaction with cancer. The pursuit of scientific excellence and new discoveries continue to drive us forward.

Key Capabilities

Research & Development
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We take an interrogative and cell biology-driven approach to our research. Our leaders have a wealth of scientific and operational expertise and experience translating research into therapies for patients, and we are aided by a digital analytics platform that allows us to be agile when translating insights into results.

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We built our paperless, cGMP-qualified LyFE Manufacturing Center in Bothell, Washington to produce cell products at scale. Our in-house infrastructure gives us the ability to control the quality and supply of our products, and quickly adopt and incorporate new technologies.

Information Sciences & Digital Manufacturing
Lyell lab employees measuring cell activity remotely

Our researchers use advanced tools — including cloud computing and machine learning — for measuring and correlating cell activity remotely and in real time, with digital, paperless manufacturing supported by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The Three Waves of Curative Therapies

Our logo represents the three waves of curative therapies.

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The First Wave

Mastery of small-molecule chemistry and the creation of the pharmaceutical industry

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The Second Wave

Mastery of proteins and macromolecules, and the creation of targeted therapies

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The Third Wave

Use of living cells as the definitive curative therapies for cancer

Meet Our Team

Our leaders are experts with proven track records of discovery and development of novel therapeutics.

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